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People who will join the Skillman network could utilise the  Robotics and Automation programme for free

Training providers and employers committed to delivering curriculum that meets the skills demands of the advanced manufacturing and engineering workforce are called to join the Skillman network. Membership is free and a key benefit (access to new Level 3 Certificate in Robotics and Automation) will be offered to all new members. The qualification covers the…


An interesting report on the role of qualifications and end point assessment in apprenticeships has been produced by Semta

An interesting report produced by Semta and drafted by Lorna Unwin, Professor Emerita (Vocational Education) and Honorary Professor in the ESRC-funded LLAKES Research Centre at the UCL Institute of Education, outlines the benefit and needs for qualifications in the AME sector. Comparison among the delivery and assessment approach across EU and wider international territories are…


European VET system and Skillman agreement by Tiziana Chiappelli

Some few reflections by Tiziana Chiappelli after the International San Sebastian Conference: Skillman project Consortium works for the implementation of the indicators included in the “Recommendation on the establishment of a European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training” of EQAVET [http://www.eqavet.eu/gns/home.aspx], accomplished through common principles for quality assurance. Skillman project has based…


The Workshop on Robotics was carried out within the Skillman International Conference

by Rachael McCorriston from JLR The workshop on Robotics included representatives from training organisations in Germany, as well as in Turkey and Macedonia. It was part of the SKILLMAN international conference that took place in San Sebastian, Spain on 8 November 2017. The workshop was supported by a SKILLMAN ambassador from the UK, Christian Warden…


Skillman presentation in Tel Aviv University, Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, School of Education (Israel)

The 21st November 2017, Skillman project has been presented by prof. Tiziana Chiappelli (University of Florence and CSCS) in a meeting with prof. Ilya Levin at the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education of the School of Education in Tel Aviv University (Israel). The meeting was planned in the framework of Prof. Silvia Guetta…


Workshop on composite was carried out the past 8th November as a part of the Skillman final international conference

The Workshop on composite was a part of the final international conference program carried out on 8th November in TKNIKA – the center promoted by the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Education and Training of the Education Department of the Basque Government – San Sebastian. The purpose of the workshop was to engage key industry and…


Research advancements and technology foresight

At the beginning of the XXI century the Transport sector is experiencing innovation breakthroughs that are deeply changing manufacturing technologies: both automotive and avionics have seen emerging technologies as Robotics, ICT and Lightweight materials enter their production, requiring new skills and an adequate professional education. The entire planet is under a newly accelerated population growth,…


Last Skillman.eu activities carried out during the European Vocational Skills Week 2017

After the success of the International Skillman Conference held in San Sebastian the past 8th of November, the Skillman consortium has continued organising five additional online meetings to discuss 4.0 industry skill needs and to enrich the skillman 4.0 networking activities. Only four online meetings were expected but, due to the high number of requests,…