Sector Skills Alliance

for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector

These key players cooperate with educational providers to detect skills needs and jointly design educational programmes in line with current and emerging technologies.

The Observatory on Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector focus its research activities and yearly outlook on labour market intelligence and on the requirements for educational programmes around three key domains or problem areas: energy performance of production processes and of end products; advanced processes, robotics and use of advanced combined materials; infotechment and the use of ICT and wireless technologies.

The Sector Skill Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector represents the one-stop-shop providing state of the art solutions to competencies and skills needs aced by the automotive, aerospace and train industries. The Sector Skills Alliance is promoted by a network of leading organizations, including Jaguar Land Rover and SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, in cooperation with research centres and accreditation and regulatory bodies.


Each challenge is assigned to a Thematic Commission, conceived as working group, which is responsible to build a knowledgebase on sector trends and innovations and on requirements in terms of educational programmes and qualifications. The educational programmes promoted by the SSA are primarily aimed at youngsters involved in tertiary VET qualifications, workers involved in short-cycle qualifications directed to re-skilling or up-skilling programmes and trainers wishing to access state of the art educational materials on Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector. The SSA adopts an open approach allowing external stakeholders to join the Open Network of Associated Partners in the perspective of sharing information and knowhow, creating synergies and cooperation initiatives and promoting the raise of quality of educational programmes and qualifications in the field of Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector.


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Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA)

SKILLMAN Sector Skills Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector has been selected by EACEA within the 2014 call for proposals of Erasmus+ Programme.
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Who we are & what we do

The proposal is based on the experience and strengths of its partners who represent different and complementary dimensions in the field of Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector, securing a significant impact at national and European levels.

The partnership reflects the overall structure of Sector Skills Alliances providing the conditions for key European and international players to deliver concrete and innovative solutions to skills needs and emerging challenges in the field of Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector with special reference to:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Trains

The composition of the partnership is conceived with the purpose of bringing together different actors, complementary both in terms of scope of action, size, field of expertise, legal framework.

Furthermore, the cross sectorial approach as well as the wide geographic dimension, covering all European member states as well as many neighbouring and extra EU countries, is ensured by the extensive network of Associated Partners, who expressed interest to cooperate and support the dissemination and exploitation of project deliverables by embedding within their respective contexts relevant qualifications and educational programmes.

Associated partners for External cooperation: Agreements and Sister Agencies programme

To become a partner and take benefits from piloting activities and to mobilize students within industries, it’s easy and free of charge.

You can apply at any moment. Fill the information at this link and you’ll be contacted soon by one of our representatives for your country to agree how your institution can take advantages from us.

Skillman relies on a strong international network who can possibly benefit directly from the educational activities developed. The partners of Skillman are key players with operations worldwide. Furthermore, during the start up phase a number of relevant organizations have already joined the SS Alliance in the perspective of adopting the outcomes and establishing synergies and long term cooperation.
The Agreements and Sister Agencies Programme, based on a reciprocal sharing of principles and ethical values , let enlarge the influence of the alliances to third countries involving even more VET providers and companies.
Currently the partners already are the followings:
– ABUplus International GmbH / Germany
– Argos / Italy
– Balkan Middle Class Office / Bulgaria
– BIC Innovation / UK
– Cracow University of Technology / Poland
– Dafni Kentro Epaggelmatikis Katartisis / Greece
– Dekaplus Business Services Ltd / Cyprus
– EfVET / Belgium
– ELFI / Italy
– Energy Applications / Greece
– EPRALIMA Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L / Portugal
– Escola Profissional Aveiro / Portugal
– FEANI / Belgium
– Gecko Programmes Limited / UK
– Insignare – Associacao del Ensino e Formacao / Portugal
– Institutul Postliceal Phoenix Asocitie / Romania
– inter.Research Institut fur interdisziplinare Forschung E.V. / Germany
– Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico Statale “Francesco Baracca” / Italy
– Klaipeda University / Lithuania
– Latvian Maritime Academy / Latvia
– Lietuvos verslo kolegija / Lithuania
– MBO Raad / Netherlands
– Panepistimio Thessalias (University of Thessaly) / Greece
– Provest Danismanlik Limited Sirketi / Turkey
– Regent Elite Academy, Myanmar
– SEFT Consulting / Azerbaijan
– Social Enterprise Europe Ltd / UK
– STM sas / Italy
– Tianjin Sino Spanish Vocational Training Center / China
– University of Birmingham / UK

Jaguar Land Rover, SAS together with public and private renown research centres active in advanced manufacturing for the transport sector, act as key international players with expertise in energy performance of production processes and products, integration of innovative combined materials and nanotechnologies, infotechment and wireless technologies; Wide network of Associated Partners representing SMEs and supply chains ensure strong impact and wide of the project among business world;

ROLE: define skills needs for the advanced manufacturing for the transport sector and network with research centres, employers and employers representatives. Support the design of sector-specific curricula.

The educational providers joining the application are key players in delivering state of the art educational programmes and apprenticeship schemes in the field of manufacturing for the transport sector, with strong cooperation with both large as well as small and medium sized companies businesses.

Educational providers are experienced in designing curricula based on learning outcomes and quality assurance framework (EQAVET, ECVET and EQF) as well as in promoting entrepreneurship via formal and informal education. The partner are committed to adopt learning mobility:

CSCS is responsible of Europemobility Network, composed by over 240 members in 30 countries, over 500K learners, 50K staff and over 15.000 transnational learning mobility exchanges per year. EfVET as Associated Partner, via own network of 1500 members across EU, provides an extremely wide geographical scope bridging the project with key VET providers.

ROLE: design joint sector-specific curricula and VET programmes based on learning outcomes approach. Deliver joint curricula also by adopting ICT and open educational resources.

The partnership is enriched by the participation of accreditation bodies who are specialists, publicly recognized within the framework of the European Co-operation for Accreditation. Furthermore, EAL in UK is the leading employer-recognised awarding organisation for the engineering and manufacturing;

ROLE: ensure legal value of joint curricula at national as well as at European level via existing multilateral agreement on mutual recognition between accreditation activities and reciprocal acceptance of accredited conformity assessment stipulated by the European Co-operation for Accreditation.