network submitted a project proposal for Open robotics

  The network submitted a project proposal for Open robotics on June, 22. The proposal was presented to the call for training of the Tuscany Region in the supply chain ‘Information communication technologies (ICT)’ and was addressed to temporary business or purpose associations for inactive and unemployed persons. The purpose of this call is…

The final curriculum on Robotics is now available


Programmable Logic Controllers
Mechanical Maintenance of Automation
Electrical Maintenance of Automation
Maintenance Support Activities for Automation
Fault Finding and Diagnosis for Automation and Robotics
Robot Processes and Functions
Automated Control Systems
Machine Software Design Principles
Robot Programming
Intro to Simulation Engineering
Process Optimisation

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The participation of more than 80 subscribers and 345 online participants from 20 different countries in the International Conference ensures a wide dissemination of the skillman results

The International Skillman Conference, hosted by Tknika brought together specialists from 20 different countries all around the world. The different sessions of the conference have been animated by the participation of speakers of great significance as Jørn Skovsgaard of the Danish Ministry of Education, Christian Warden of MTC, Serge Monturet of EIT Raw Materials, Daniele Bassan…

The Workshop on Robotics was carried out within the Skillman International Conference

by Rachael McCorriston from JLR The workshop on Robotics included representatives from training organisations in Germany, as well as in Turkey and Macedonia. It was part of the SKILLMAN international conference that took place in San Sebastian, Spain on 8 November 2017. The workshop was supported by a SKILLMAN ambassador from the UK, Christian Warden…

Research advancements and technology foresight

At the beginning of the XXI century the Transport sector is experiencing innovation breakthroughs that are deeply changing manufacturing technologies: both automotive and avionics have seen emerging technologies as Robotics, ICT and Lightweight materials enter their production, requiring new skills and an adequate professional education. The entire planet is under a newly accelerated population growth,…

Computers and the Future of Skill Demand: a book from Stuart W. Elliott

Computer scientists are working on reproducing all human skills using artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Unsurprisingly then, many people worry that these advances will dramatically change work skills in the years ahead and perhaps leave many workers unemployable. This report develops a new approach to understanding these computer capabilities by using a test based…

Engaging intensive trainings on robotics have been provided in the last months by the mobility element of the Skillman project

As part of the mobility element of the Skillman project, two tutors and two students from TEC in Denmark attended two days training prior to the UK conference. They undertook two days of intensive Robot Programming training – learning how to manually operate the BMet KUKA and ABB robots and how to program them to…