He Worked from 1992 till 2009 as a sheetmetal worker at Fokker Services, Woensdrecht, did inspections, repairs and modifications on several types of aircraft and parts at Fokker Services or on site.

In 2009 He moved to the training department as a teacher for Module 6, materials and hardware, and practical instructor for Module 7, teaching and instructing the maintenance practices.
Most recent he is also teaching Module 11.2/3-13.2 constructions.

He is also the MOE for the examination of Module 6 and Module 9, Human Factors, creating/reviewing the questions/essays, validate questions/exams and review the exams/essays.

In 2010 the training deparment moved from Fokker Services to Markiezaat College including staff and other personal.

Contact info

Aviolandalaan 35, 4631 RV Hoogerheide, The Netherlands

Phone number:
+31 (0)88 92 99 000