Ilze Buligina currently works at the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia in the Department of Vocational and Adult Education. She is also Board member of the Society for Continuing Education. Her professional interests are – vocational education and training (VET) and work-based learning policy, VET reforms, national qualification frameworks and sector qualification frameworks, collaboration between education and employment, collaboration with EU and international organisations, EU policy developments and transnational co-operation within EU and beyond, EU education and research programs, research on VET and WBL developments

In 2015 being part of the team of Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union she co-contributed to the drafting of the Riga Conclusions – a mid-term EU VET policy priority documents.   Her professional activities are related to national VET policy and reforms, EU VET policy and transnational co-operation regarding VET developments in Europe. Member of the European Commission committees and working groups on VET – ACVT, ET2020 and ET2030  and Cedefop Refernet team for Latvia. Through professional and research activities she has gained vast experience from various academic, research and development institutions and projects in numerous European countries, as well as countries beyond EU. Ilze Buligina holds the Doctoral degree in public administration from the University of Latvia and MA degree in social sciences from Maastricht University.

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