Policy and Public Outreach Department – Senior Human Capital Development Expert – Coordinator for Vocational Excellence Project at ETF European Training Foundation

My background and experience is all around expertise development and knowledge management (research and policy analysis and advisory functions), in Vocational and Continuing Education and Training (VET&CVT)-skills development- policies within a lifelong leaning perspective.

My main focus in the last 15 years of my professional activity as thematic expert is on VET & Skills governance (social dialogue public private partnership, financing etc), as well as on Vocational Excellence, VET decentralization, School Autonomy (etc.)

I have sound experience on developing research and capacity building methodologies for facilitating mapping, foster policy dialogue and advice on VET & Skills Multilevel Governance related issues.

In all such thematic fields, I have authored, coordinated and/or edited a good number of National ,European and/or international published studies, reports, policy papers, articles (etc.).

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