CEO, EduBiz youth leadership

Teodora Chifor is specialized in youth leadership, educational programs for youth, microfinance, training for talent and people development, community development, project management. Teodora’s main focus of research: young talents, leadership, values of the new generation and impact on leadership, development of entrepreneurship skills mainly among youth, development of start-up programs, development of microfinance programs for vulnerable groups. She is researching economics and youth leadership in a PhD thesis, at Lincoln University UK. In the last 12 years, Teodora has been working with different International Microfinance Institutions. She was mainly responsible for developing entrepreneurial skills and competencies, developing new market niches, new products, and developing the portfolio of financial products. Teodora has been developing business development programs, entrepreneurial and financial education programs for small entrepreneurs and youth in Europe and Romania. Since 2013 Teodora has been working with young talents in Romania. In 2016 she founded EduBiz, a dynamic and innovative NGO working with over 1000 young members, focused on youth leadership, talent development for the young generation, today’s youth, today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

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