New enthusiasm for vocational education & training: boosting self-confidence in young people

Background and focus: 

One of the challenges in Technical and Vocational Education and Training is that it is often associated with negative representations such as the difficulty to follow general education or attend university.

Objective:  Share experiences on how to make young people more aware of the opportunities related to TVET, in order to:

  • avoid early school leaving because of the inadequacy of training pathways and the risks associated with the feeling of failure
  • encourage young people to see TVET as a pathway for success: for TVET to be a positive choice
  • recruit talented young people in TVET

How to encourage young people and provide them with adequate support so they remain interested in learning in a global context that is particularly challenging? AER is proud to announce two webinars, which will provide an opportunity to share regional experiences and hear about support initiatives at EU level.

Kjerstin Torpmann-Hagen, Policy Officer at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL) will provide an overview on existing support and funding opportunities for Vocational Education Training and initial training.

In order to help young people to thrive and prevent early school leaving, boosting self-confidence is instrumental as confirmed by projects such as JET-CD and detailed in the CEDEFOP VET toolkit for tackling early leaving under the intervention approach “Building motivation to learn“.

Trust is also essential to make positive choices or to believe that existing opportunities are actually accessible. In fine, that success is available. This is why self-confidence will also be addressed during the webinar.

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Participants list

Following is the list of international experts from different backgrounds participating in the Webinar.