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(October 6th, 14:30/16:30 CET)

The introduction of digitalisation in education, and in particular in the teaching and learning component, is not a new trend. It is part of a long journey through which education policymakers and other stakeholders are reforming education, increasingly with a student-centred approach and a focus on key competencies. This reform process has been “hijacked” by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced policymakers to go all-in with distance learning. 

Even after the pick of the pandemic was over, the new political will of introducing digital teaching and learning at all levels of education is putting a lot of pressure on the system and, in particular, on its most important stakeholders: the teachers. In this webinar we framed what are the aspects of digitalisation reforms in education that mostly affects teachers, we provided hands-on knowledge on what are the new competencies that teachers need to meaningfully work in digital settings and how they can address the challenge of teaching in a digital context and make the most out of it.

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