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  • 2002 – the first regional Forum of NGOs with participation of 60 NGOs;
    2003 – the second Forum of NGOs, participants from 90 NGOs.
    2004 – 2006 – ongoing trainings and seminars in the framework of “Community Development” and “Associative Sector Development” projects. As a result – more than 80 NGOs from South of Moldova were trained.
    2004 -15 seminars and 4 round tables for establishment of partnership relations at local, state and international levels were organized for participants from 68 NGOs.
    2005 – Small business development trainings and seminars for entrepreneurs of 8 villages from the region were held in collaboration with “TAR – AGRO” and “OG – AGRO” agricultural associations within the framework of “Initiative of Social responsibility” program, PFIP financed by USAID.
    2005 the third regional Forum of NGOs in cooperation with Executive authority of UTA Gagauzya and Department of Justice.
    2005 more than 100 women identified as victims of trafficking from 18 localities in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova.
    2006 Round table “Increasing political leadership among women”.
    2006 carried out 12 local actions by female leaders.
    2006 Mega show and concert for alumni with international singers participation.
    2007 provided 20 maieutic meetings with young leaders.
    2007 elaborating the “Bozza di Manifesto” – a real united manifest of the European youths.
    2007 International meeting “Human rights”
    2008 5 Round tables “Coalition for free and democratic elections”
    2008 provided 8 seminars for youth “Democratic development”
    2008 carried out 38 informational seminars for mass media
    2008 organized 20 local actions for gender equality
    2008 carried out 18 training for female leaders
    2009 International training course “Making EVS and youth exchange for all”
    2009 Creation “Coalition of NGO in Gagauzia”
    2009 provided 5 seminars for youth “Nonviolence method in conflict resolution”
    2009 carried out 44 informational seminars for governmental bodies and members of Parliament
    2009 provided 6 round tables for political parties
    2010 organized 30 local actions for gender equality
    2010 carried out 25 training for female leaders “Every woman has a right for rights”
    2010 International training course “Human rights”
    2010 International conference “WCDI”
    2010 provided 30 seminars for youth “Youth pass”
    2010 carried out 20 informational seminars for authority leaders
    2010 provided 10 round tables for political parties
    2010 organization of 24 local actions for NGOs
    2010 provided 15 trainings “Human rights” for executive agencies and departments.
    2010 International conference “Women Can Do It”
    2011 sending 3 EVS volunteers to Italy and 1 to France
    2011 hosting EVS volunteer from Italy
    2011 providing 12 seminars “WCDI” for women leaders
    2011 International conference “Youth exchange”
    2012 provided 8 round tables for journalists
    2012 organization of 12 local actions for NGOs
    2012 provided 7 trainings “Monitoring and Lobby activities” for NGO leaders
    2012 Regional observation of election with using 64 short term observers
    2013 organization of 10 local actions for NGOs
    2013 provided 7 trainings “advocacy in social, educational, cultural spheres” for departments of the government.
    2013 providing 5 seminars for youth leaders “EU standards”
    2014 International meeting EAPTC in Comrat
    2014 International Study Visit
    2015 Organization 12 seminars “Youth and corruption prevention”
    2015 Providing 10 local actions for NGOs
    2016 Implementation the project “Processing of winemaking by-products”
    2016 Creation web page for youth council
    2016 Development of cluster of business incubator
    “Inventing the future: Reciprocal Maieutic Approach in conflict transformation” financially supported by European Commission. “Inventing the future” is a two year project co-financed by the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). It is a Youth Action 5, Support Measures, Innovative Co-operation, Training and Information Projects, Call for proposals DG EAC 62/05. “Inventing the future” represents an XL project, which means 7 partner countries from different regions are involved, such as 4 European countries (Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria), 1 Eastern Europe country (Moldova) and 2 Media countries (Palestine and Israel). All partners work with youth belonging to conflict communities in order to develop tolerant relations and mutual understanding among this youth, as well as to develop leadership skills.

    “Women Can Do It”, financed by Norwegian People’s Aid and directs on improving women leadership in the region. Consists from 3 stages: trainings, exchanging experience and international conference. www.npa.org.rs

    “Strengthening civil society”, financed by TACIS-Transtec. Five regional centers are involved in project implementation. The project directs activity on social delivery service supporting. The staff of the center was educated during 3 months as international trainers by Belgium, Netherland specialists.

    ”Coalition for free and democratic elections”, financially supported by EURASIA Foundation with main idea to promote fair election, monitor the pre election campaign, to distribute information from and to political parties in Moldova, contribute to mass media development, freedom of speech and strengthening the community. www.alegeliber.md

    “Gender equality” with supporting of Gender DOC Centre to prevent gender discrimination and to promote the idea of equality.

    “Making youth exchanges and EVS for all” within European Youth Foundation programme includes training course in Comrat, Moldova. There were 50 participants from 16 diverse countries from Europe, Caucasus and Eastern Europe. The aim is to improve the quality of future EVS and youth exchange through participants recruitment, conflict resolution, problem solving, culture shock with using following methods: role-pay, drama, group reflections, dynamic café’s, group building etc. www.cesie.org

    “Civil Participation” with supporting of Black Sea Trust Foundation directed on monitoring of government activities and improving transparency of decision making process. Has been organized the informational campaign with carrying a lot of seminars for members of Parliament and government. 4 web pages have become as a result of trust building for the society. www.comrat.md www.gagauzia.hq.md www.edingagauz.md www.vulcanesti.hq.md
    “Every woman has the right for rights” connected with female leadership and communication strategy development program implementation. Financed by MATRA KAP – Embassy of Royal Netherlands in Kiev.
    “EAPTC in Moldova” financed by EU with issue to support cooperation and good relationships between Moldova and Ukraine in different backgrounds. www.eaptc.eu
    “Transparency of government activities using mass media support” project supported by UN Democracy fund. It’s cooperation project between NGO, mass media and government for improvement transparency of authorities activities and monitoring governmental implementation programs, decrease the level of corruption with issuing TV and radio programms www.contact.md
    “Open your mind for youth voices” – Youth in Action 3.1, Project Number: 547082, Contract Number: 2013-3586. It is Study visit for participants from Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, France, Azerbaijan and Georgia come together to exchange the experience in social, cultural, educational spheres in order to adopt EU standards and find out more about international multi nationality. This activity supports by the EU Commission. www.youth.ec.europa.eu

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