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  • We are a group of young people active in youth work. The members are mostly the students at universities and unemployed young people who involve in local or multicultural activities and exchanges in order to improve themselves and also to stimulate the entrepreneurship among young people.

    Some of the main objectives of our group are to explore the diverse of Europe and to ensure the European context the youth live in, to challenge prejudices, combat racism and xenophobia,to foster intercultural understanding and tolerance of young Europeans, to show the people the similarities and differences that exist between different nations. Tolerance is also one of the selected subjects for the activities that are carried out by young people and they are as follows; discussions, workshops, cultural and country presentations.

    As Euroteam Turkey, we hope to gain international experiences collaborating with the organizations which participate in the European or Worldwide projects and continue relationships with the young people and enable them get to know each other, each others’ culture, country, language and customs gaining more knowledge during the youth exchanges. Because our members know that many citizens and especially teenagers across the Europe generally have limited awareness of their own culture. They often have little knowledge of the role of the European Union and many of its member or candidate states. We also know that prejudice is fed by ignorance. Therefore, we aim to involve our participants in an exchange of culture and national identity in order to break the barriers and dispel national prejudices.

    Our group will be associated partner in this project. We will be in a stable contact with beneficiary organisation in order to organize a distinguished project. We will be contributing to the project on its every stage, from consultation the project idea through preparation and project implementation until the evaluation and dissemination of the project results.

    The projects which our group has joined until now are;

    European Council, Life Long Learning Programme betwwen 2005-2013
    Youth in Action-1.1, Trakai, Lithuania, June 2005,
    YIA-1.1, Antalya, Turkey, June 2006, organized by us,
    YIA-1.1, Madrid, Spain, November 2007,
    YIA-1.1, Reka, Czech Republic, June 2008,
    YIA-1.1, Andrchow, Poland, October 2009,
    YIA-1.1, Hocni Becva, Czech Rep., June 2010,
    YIA-4.3, London, United Kingdom, July 2012,
    YIA-1.1, Antalya, Turkey, April 2013, organized by us,
    YIA-1.1, Caserta, Italy, May 2013,
    YIA-4.3, Caen, France, June 2013,
    YIA-3.1, Slovenia, October 2013,

    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Antalya, Turkey, October 2014, organized by us,
    Erasmus+, Contact making event for youth workers, Reka, Czech Republic, May 2015,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Granada, Spain, September 2015,
    Erasmus+, Youth Training Course, Gondomar, Portugal, October 2015,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Reka, Czech Rep., November 2015,
    Erasmus+, Youth Workers, London, UK, March 2016,
    Erasmus+, Youth Workers, Villar de Santos, Spain, May 2016,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Millinge Klint, Denmark, June 2016,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Kopenhagen, Denmark, June 2016,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Reka, Czech Republic, October 2016,
    Erasmus+, Youth Exchanges, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2017

    Some of the skills and expertise of our members / leaders involved in the group are teaching social and educational issues; organizing and managing the local, national and international programmes, projects for the youth.

    Our members will be able to offer their pedagogical skills, language, IT, social, communication and other competences so that the project could be enriched. Our participants will have knowledge of both formal and non-formal education and experience at project work with young people. We will involve the participants who have already taken part in either youth projects or training courses so that they could share their experience with other participants.

    The legal representative of Euroteam Turkey is Mr. Tuncay Savtak. He is an experienced English teacher. He was one of the principals of some youth camps and organizations like GHD (Volunteer Services Association), GENÇTUR (Youth Tourism Association). He has organized or joined more than 20 different Youth, Comenius, Erasmus+ projects since 2004. He worked as an expert in the European Language Portfolio team at the Ministry of National Education of Turkey during 2002-2006. He worked as “Pedagogical Advisor for Turkey” for European Schoolnet during 2006-2009. He is also an expert in the team of “Education and Training Portal of European Commission” for 2014-2020. He was the writer and coordinator of Youth Exchanges projects;

    Mrs. Özlem Akkoca Donat is an experienced youth worker. She graduated from the university of Russian Language. She was the leader of two youth exchanges project organized by our group;
    1) TR-11-E605-2012-R3
    2) 2014-1-TR01-KA105-002616

    Miss. Yağmur Yanbul, Mr. Deniz Doğan and Miss. Nazlım Yaren Başoda are the active members. They joined the Erasmus+, Youth workers project, 2015-2-UK01-KA105-014041 in London in 2016.

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