Selfie: supporting schools for learning in the digital age
The webinar was held on

(April 7th, 14:30/16:00 CET)

Background and focus: 

Digital technologies are changing all aspects of our life. Inevitably, the way we teach and learn in schools is also affected. But the effective introduction of digital technologies in education is not straightforward. Teachers and students must get used to new tools, IT infrastructure must be established and school strategies have to be developed. The most important step for the government and schools is to understand where they stand in terms of introducing digital technologies. 

This first analysis is essential for the definition of action plans at the national and school levels. In this webinar, we presented SELFIE (Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational Technologies), a free tool designed to help schools embed digital technologies into teaching, learning and assessment. We also listened to the experiences of those who have used SELFIE about how this has helped them in revising their strategic and practice approach to digitalisation.

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