Webinar: Circular Economy Revolution - Opportunities and Needs in the Labour Market
The webinar will highlight the opportunities and needs that circular economy brings about in the labour market and present regional experiences on how VET programmes can support the transition towards a circular economy by boosting new skills in the population.
The transition and scaling-up of circular economy from front runners to mainstream economic actors represents a pivotal step for the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives set in the European Green Deal. Yet, for the purpose of an effective and faster transition, the contribution of all societal and economic actors is required in order to achieve and build upon the opportunities that the circular economy brings about. To this aim, in 2020, the European Union has adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan providing a framework for the achievement of a “cleaner and more competitive Europe in co-creation with economic actors, consumers, citizens, and civil society organisations”.
Among the key sectors that are undergoing an in-depth transformation as a result of this transition, unveiled opportunities and needs are emerging in the labour market. On one hand, the circular economy is proven to be a major driver for employment with the creation of around 4 million jobs from 2012 and 2018 in the EU and 700 000 new jobs expected by 2030[1]. On the other hand, the broad-redefinition of the design processes and materials employed requires the development of new skills among the population.
Hence, individuals’ up-take of the shortage of the necessary skills represents a pivotal precondition for pursuing a fast and overarching economic transition, as well as for ensuring the optimal uptake of the opportunities that it brings about for employment and social inclusion. In this context, TVET providers are called to play a major role through the development of new curricula tailored for the future workforce and the reskilling of the current workforce.
The webinar wants to serve as a contribution to the achievement of an inclusive circular economy transition. It will offer a space for exchanging of knowledge and practices about what skills are demanded, and how TVET can support the transition by offering renewed programmes addressing the needs of the circular economy.
The objectives of the webinar are:
  • Improve the understanding of the skills shortage within the circular economy
  • Share good practices about how TVET can support circular economy transition and bridge the gap between the resulting needs and opportunities in the labour market
  • Provide insights about existing EU funding opportunities for regions and TVET providers to boost skills within the framework of circular economy revolution
  • Foster a network of cross-sectoral experts that can cooperate in the development of new circular economy programmes