The European Commission is launching a Pact for Skills, a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe. Watch the video of the 2020 launch event.

Companies, workers, national, regional and local authorities, social partners, cross-industry and sectoral organisations, education and training providers, chambers of commerce and employment services all have a key role to play. To support a fair and resilient recovery and deliver on the ambitions of the green and digital transitions and of the EU Industrial and SME Strategies, the Commission invites public and private organisations to join forces and take concrete action to upskill and reskill people in Europe.

The Pact is the first of the flagship actions under the European Skills Agenda and is firmly anchored in the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Pact was officially launched on 10 November 2020.

Skillman endorsed the pact for skills by launching a survey to its network about different options to strengthen it. The initiative is a first flagship action of the European Skills Agenda and Industrial Strategy for Europe.

The Commission is proposing a Pact for Skills as a new engagement and model for skills that will help meet COVID-19 challenges and deliver on the ambitions of the recovery pathway, the EU Industrial Strategy and the green and digital transition. The main objective of the Pact is to mobilise and incentivize all relevant stakeholders to take concrete actions for the upskilling and reskilling of people of working age, by pooling efforts and setting up partnerships addressing the needs of the labour market, supporting green and digital transitions as well as local, regional growth strategies.

This questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. The answers you provide will assist the European Commission to develop the Pact for Skills, and its Charter, and strengthen the support for upskilling and reskilling for all people of working age.

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