The webinar was held on

(June 16th, 14:30/16:00 CET)

Background and focus: 

Student-centered pedagogy has been conceptualized and discussed as early as the beginning of the XX century, and it has now reached massive popularity in the education sector. Nowadays, there is a general consensus that this form of pedagogy should be adopted at all levels of education. There are, however, several challenges when stakeholders try to implement it.    

The webinar was divided into three parts. The ETF introduced the student-centered learning approach, the value behind it, and the necessary changes in policies, processes, and organizational structure of schools for successful implementation. Following the presentation of the overall context, two cases of best practice were presented. The first one was the presentation of the introduction of a student-centered learning approach in the context of an ambitious and resourceful reform that tried to take into consideration all implications behind the pedagogical switch.

The second case of best practice focused on the good results achieved thanks to the individual initiative of a school that has tried to review the pedagogical approach mainly through its own resources. After each presentation, there will be a Q&A session where participants were able to interact with the speakers.

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