is a worldwide Transnational platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence for the Advanced Manufacturing Sector based in the EU, addressed to introduce skills, competences and innovative curricula for the advanced manufacturing sector within the VET pathways. It has a large geographical coverage and connects industry and training providers with civil society giving support services that drive growth and effectiveness in the sector.

1. FOUR CHANNELS FOR CONCRETE INTERACTIONS: with the High Skills ecosystem your project owns four live channels opened to directly access to companies, policy makers, VET providers and individuals.

2. OBSERVATORY: is provided with its permanent Observatory on Advanced Manufacturing Sector meaning your project’s attitude to access to the direct source of information about the forefront solutions for the innovation and improvement of the Skills Intelligence in the sector. The Observatory implements a long-term strategy that:

  • builds resistant, live, bi-directional interactions with a wide range of different stakeholders
  • creates a persistent system of cross-relationships for the long-duration of the model
  • makes a concrete influence in the industry sector and in the VET system addressing large public, policy makers, universities and technical colleges with concrete influence

3. ACCESS TO EXPERTS – is also a roaster of experts in its field of intervention. The experts cover all the expertises necessary to deploy effective skills foresight exercises, curricula development, instructional design, quality evaluations etc.

4. LABOUR MARKET AND SKILLS INTELLIGENCE SET – provides your project with the opportunity to implement the skills anticipation lifecycle model based on the ILO skills anticipation system and inspired by the five methodological guides to anticipating and matching skills and jobs, published in 2016 by Cedefop in collaboration with the ILO and ETF.
In relation to your project need of identification of the skills for the future, the ‘Skills foresight exercises’, allows your project’s manager:

  • to know how to engage the necessary stakeholders involved in the identification and definition of the skills for the future
  • to solve the problems generated by the need of balancing among the characteristics of the stakeholders
  • to solve the problems related to the distance and the time constraints for the meetings of the stakeholders
  • to access and implement a digital tool designed to manage efficiently all the ‘Skills foresight exercises’ meetings

5. CURRICULUM TEMPLATE, MOU and GUIDELINES – Your project partners in charge with the curriculum development dispose of guidelines that allows to understand how to connect the project results with the ESCO DB and access to a curriculum template that allows them to easily produce deliverables fully compliant with the ECVET and EQF STANDARDS.

Regarding in particular the ECEVT standards, the solution provides your project also with a MOU template and guidelines to correctly define Unit of Learning and Learning Outcomes.

6. EFFECTIVE DISSEMINATION – Sustainability and Dissemination are fundamental elements of your project proposal. When we are part of your consortium, we offer to take care of stakeholder management, communication (website, newsletter, promotion at events), dissemination of deliverables, contents and programmes. Fro these purposes, owns a unique ambient for the dissemination of your project composed of different and concrete opportunities and recurrent occasions, like the Annual International Forum, the webinars, the nationals and local events, the publishings, the newsletters and the policy influencing actions. The public at a time, directly involved with the Annual International forums, has reached a proved number of more than 800 stakeholders from up to 100 countries. The webinars are subscribed, every year, by hundreds of participants. In the Forum annual occasions, additionally to the direct participation, the dissemination activity assures also a wider unidirectional communication with a very large audience of up to 35k stakeholders.

The members are engaged in several high level groups at local, regional, national and international level assuring a deep and effective action of policy influencing. Currently, for example, the central team is engaged in high level consultations with the European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises EASME, Unit A1 – COSME, within two specific work groups created to design:

  • the EU 2030 High-Tech Skills Vision for Achieving Smart Industrial Specialisation and Digital Transformation and
  • the EU Curriculum Development Guidelines for KETs and AMT

The is member of the European Sector Skills Council in Automotive Industry, is affiliated with EPIC, the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics in Europe, with Cumulus, the global association to serve art and design education and research and act in partnership with IVETA, EAPRIL and many other umbrella and international organisations. The skillman Editorial Board includes members from various private and public bodies and members belonging to supranational bodies, like the European Training Foundation, the Cedefop, the UNESCO, the ILO UN, the ADB etc.

7. EFFECTIVE PROJECT EXPLOITATION WITH – owns a unique approach and ambient for your project effective exploitation. With the solution, the project managers implement an effective and successful go-to-market strategy based on the open access to the SKILLMAN.EU MARKETPLACE:

The Marketplace is an open space where the beneficiaries of your project freely access to download your deliverables and where they have the opportunity to ask for your support services.

The Marketplace is based on the open-source principles: the project deliverables are the ‘codes’ distributed with no charge through the platform. The project partners can offer their services to support the beneficiaries in the implementation of their materials. The Marketplace is therefore a concrete market arena that hosts service solutions and curricula, fully powered by the Skillman project partners and addressed to all their potential targets.

This model assure long durability to your deliverables and wide distribution to a very large and relevant audience of specialised customers.

8. ETHICS – The skillman community aims to influence the debate about the skills addressing its approach to Ethic issues. In this regard, you can give a sense to the life of your project embedding the same principles inspired by the UNESCO 17 goals on sustainable development, in your project strategies and finding other partners, outside the composition of your own project partnership, who share the same attitudes and wishes and who can reinforce your own actions, to implement your curricula development fulfilling a vision extended outside the normal schemes of the industry and VET debates.

8. EXTERNAL EVALUATION OPPORTUNITIES – provide also services of external evaluation with the key benefit, for your partnership, to identify areas of weakness and strength within the project activities and allowing to take improvement and corrective actions in time.

Through its extensive network of members and experts, owns a pool of expertise that embed the transfer of general know-how and peer learning through the evaluation exercise. The members of the network are involved in several activities and collaborate all to source a common base of information, know how and standard procedures that allow your project to access to bench-marking data,  specifically set to evaluate the curricula development exercises.