Who We Are

ATA is involved in promoting and stimulating the innovation process in the automotive technology, in particular addressing the aspects related to ecology, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomy. The method is the diffusion of the technical information on the most advanced frontiers worldwide in the technological achievements and trend, through dedicated congresses, conferences and the two monthly magazine “Ingegneria dell’Autoveicolo”.

ATA is deeply involved in education and professional formation courses, identification of skills and professional capabilities for operation in advanced automotive technologies development and initiatives for young engineers and students and has a strong cooperation with Universities and Research Institutions.

Our Objectives
  • to promote and disseminate the technical – scientific & automotive culture, focusing on innovative aspects of industrial and academic research and development;
  • to communicate the new developments in the automotive industry, also stimulating the interests of public research;
  • to develop the exchange of information amongst Members;
  • to cooperate with the Technical Societies of other Countries;
  • to assist with the training of young graduates in scientific and automotive disciplines;
  • to support the transfer of technological know-how from vehicle manufacturers to small and medium size suppliers industries.
Our philosophy
Ecology, Energy efficiency, Safety and Ergonomy.
Role in the Project

Identification of the skills and professional performance for the new technology development in the automotive field, addressing the concept of energy and environment conservation taking into account the whole lifecycle of the product (design, manufacturing, operation and recycling).

In particular, both Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Powertrain and their integration in the Vehicle are the systems which the skills have to be address to in this project.

Creating a competence network among partners based on multiple disciplines and application sectors in the transport area, addressing energy, safety, user friendliness and mobility system efficiency.