Who we are

CSCS is a vocational training provider, active in the field of research on labour market and pedagogic innovation, as well as in the promotion of transnational cooperation on technical education and training. CSCS is accredited training centre by Regional Government providing initial vocational training, continuous training for businesses, vocational guidance and orientation and apprenticeship courses.

To date, over 10.000 individuals have been trained by CSCS staff members. CSCS main offices are in Pistoia and training programmes are provided all over Tuscany and Italy with more than 20 subsidiary locations.

In 2013, CSCS has delivered accredited and certified training programmes to over 800 individuals, workers, trainees from vocational training system or students for formal and informal education.

During last 12 months, CSCS have implemented, in Italy as well as in other European countries, over 20 training programmes for trainers. Over 200 trainers have been involved in educational programmes covering ICT skills, the use of ICT in educational contexts, educational methodologies.

CSCS is one of the main players in the provision of apprenticeship courses, providing vocational training programmes in over 30 business fields / profiles. ICT skills is a compulsory component of the Italian official educational programme for workers with apprenticeship labour contract.

More than 1000 companies have trained their employees and young apprentices with CSCS.

Our philosophy
Your development is our goal
Role in the Project

CSCS is responsible for overall project management and coordination, providing procedures and framework for effective and efficient implementation of planned activities.

CSCS provides the IT infrastructure for the project with reference to project management platform, online webinars and online meetings, project web site.

CSCS acting as VET provider and operating under Quality Assurance System, cooperates in implementing the activities related with joint curricula design, test and promotion. The industrial sector addressed by CSCS is the train production and its supply chain, thanks to the local multinational company Bombarier / Ansaldo Breda and the local network of small and medium sized companies.

CSCS, being member of the board of EfVET, one of the leading umbrella organizations in Europe representing over 1500 VET providers, ensure, jointly with EfVET who acts at Associated Partners, a strong bridge with the European community of VET providers as well as a solid exploitation channels for all SSA activities.

CSCS as coordinator of Europemobility Network, pan European association of mobility coordinators composed by over 240 members in 30 countries, representing 500.000 learners and 50.000 staff members, implementing each year over 15.000 exchanges and work placements abroad, is responsible for coordinating the learning mobility initiatives accomplished within the project.

CSCS being active Lead Organization within the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Network provides a valuable contribution in terms of ensuring close contacts with labor market intelligence organizations as well as embedding entrepreneurial development within the educational activities of the SSA.