November 15-18, 2021
2021/11/15 09:30:00
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It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 7th edition of the SIF – Skillman International Forum 2021, the online event on redefining the future of learning in the advanced manufacturing sector organized in partnership with the European Training Foundation and in alliance with IVETAAERENNI, and EAPRIL.
This year the forum addresses three main topics: Digital and green revolutionMicro-credentials and Sharing is caring.
Like every year, the forum is part of a long journey in skills development where international keynote speakers, sponsors, partners, and participants work together to achieve common goals aiming at improving education and TVET.

Hybrid format

The opening is expected to be hosted in Bologna at the Emilia Romagna Region facilities (Italy), and other activities during the conference will be set at the Municipality of Lisbon (Portugal). The whole conference will also be live-streamed.


Experts from around the world share information and knowledge about different aspects connected to  Advanced Manufacturing and TVET

The forum is a part of a long journey where the participants work together to achieve common goals aiming at improving  education and TVET.

The participants share a strong commitment in co-shaping an inclusive, resilient and sustainable society, where TVET represents a pillar for innovation in curricula development and designing the “society of tomorrow”.

The Skillman Network is a non-governmental organisation based in the EU and engaged in the TVET domain to design and distribute solutions that facilitate the implementation of the work-based-learning approach to skills mismatch for a worldwide community of practitioners, researchers and institutions.

Feedback from SIF 2020
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