Whether you are a TVET provider, a school teacher/trainer, a company leader or a TVET expert…

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it includes

Support on EU tools

Curriculum development guidelines

Companies assistance on skills foresight

Why is Advisory Service important?

In a time-challenged world, the TVET field is no exception in speeding up innovation and new trends. Therefore, stakeholders at all levels need seamless support experiences that make them feel valued. The Skillman advisory service helps with:

  • Support on the latest tools and solutions that are provided for free by the EU Commission.
  • Curriculum development guidelines to TVET providers to improve their existing frameworks.
  • Assistance to companies on skills foresight, anticipating labor market needs, and matching skills.

“Desk service can mean many things, depending on the nature of your business. But it all goes back to the core principle of helping people and serving as a place where they can go to get help.”

Chris Grosspietsch, Senior Manager, Advocacy Operations at Zendesk


This section is crucial for the implementation and dissemination of the relevant existing European tools and initiatives in the field of TVET. Here we share detailed information about the tools, their benefits and how to access them, providing assistance on these solutions via the real-time chat below. All the EU tools are free of charge, they were conceived by the European Commission and finalized with the contribution and work of teams of experts in TVET and partner institutions.

Among them are SELFIE, Europass, VET toolkit for tackling early leaving, ECVET Toolkit, EQAVET, ESCO DB, VET Mobility Charters, the European Framework for quality and effective apprenticeships, European Alliance for Apprenticeships, Drop’pin@EURES, European Pact for Youth, EPALE etc.


SKILLNT supports the VET providers in revising their curricula fostering innovative learning of key competences. The SKILLNT platform offers a tailored training focused to the CURRICULA DEVELOPMENT and the implementation of the ECVET standards.

Follow the following link to access the course:


Tailored trainings on upskilling and reskilling employees


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