All the Skillman Forums base their topicts around “Curriculum design, Sectoral skills development and Ethical issues on Advanced Manufacturing sector”.

This year’s the Forum will take a holistic approach to continue a concrete debate about the anticipation and the preparation necessary for the Emerging Skills and Jobs, the different types of skills that employers are looking for and how the education and training systems are responding to these challenges.

The theme for the 2019 will be set by the Forum Steering Committee before March 2019, as a continuation from the 2018 topics that are:

  • Sectoral skills development – Interconnection and coordination of actions and results with the existing tools and initiatives for sectoral skills development and for anticipating and matching skills and jobs
  • Curriculum design – Innovative curriculum design in Advanced Manufacturing sector in coherence with ECVET – EQF framework and ESCO classification
  • Ethical values – Connecting the competences necessary for Advanced Manufacturing to the personal responsibility according to the UNESCO 17 goals on sustainable development


Skillman started its first International Forum in 2015 in Turin @ CRF – FIAT FCA with around 60 participants.

In 2016 the second event was planned in Brussels and cancelled due to the terrorist attack. The Forum was postponed to March 2017. Moved to Birmingham, in the Jaguar Land Rover premises, it was participated by around 150 participants plus around 100 live viewers on live streaming.

The official 2017 edition was instead held in November in San Sebastian with around seventy participants on site from 20 countries and more than 450 spectators on live streaming from also many countries outside EU.

In 2018 the forum was held in November only online. The total participation passed height hundred persons. 453 of them, from 105 countries, subscribed to the thematic webinars.


Discussing and analysing the main challenges faced by the Advanced Manufacturing sector regarding:

  • challenges and new approaches to design new innovative curricula
  • interconnection and coherence of curricula and professional profiles with ECVET – EQF framework and ESCO classification
  • Advanced Manufacturing sector and responsibility according to the UNESCO 17 goals on Sustainable Development
  • social innovation, societal impact, societal challenges and ethical issues
  • policies and initiatives for sectoral skills development anticipating and matching skills and jobs


  • discussing relevant issues in Advanced Manufacturing in relation to VET systems, public policies, research and good practices
  • keeping informed regarding publications and other sources
  • inquiring and share new ideas, materials, suggestions useful for their work
  • finding partners for international projects and cooperation

Target participants

From Skillman members and from connected entities:

  • government officials working in education, industry development, innovation, finance, and planning
  • TVET organisations, schools and universities
  • NGOs and civil society organizations
  • government officials
  • embassy and/or trade commissioners
  • think-tanks, institutes, academia, and centers of excellence
  • development partners