Webinars on EU fund opportunities

What are the best practices to identify and access EU fund opportunities?

The European Commission has set a Work Program for the next years that highlights the unique opportunity to lead the current transition to a fair, climate-neutral, digital Europe, which will affect every segment of our society and economic sector. The purpose will be achieved by the implementation of policy activities and funding opportunities in order to ensure effective project outcomes.

In this regard, the Skillman Alliance sees the importance of increasing the effectiveness of future project partnerships, thus it has designed a number of webinars that will bring together experts in different fields, with the aim of establishing relevant groups of collaboration for future EU project proposals.

Each of them will be a valuable occasion to set the basis for new EU programmes through cooperation and strategic thinking.

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Join the Skillman Webinars on EU fund opportunities and become the protagonist of the TVET scenery

You will:

  • hold the stage in events with main representatives of the European Commission and other supranational organizations
  • be one of the main keynote speakers at SIF 2020
  • acquire visibility and recognition within an engaged community of professionals
  • receive special mentions in sector-focused research papers, magazines and
  • share your ideas on relevant topics with an elitist audience of selected worldwide
  • contribute to shape the main trends of the future of TVET and skills in AM

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