Who We Are

Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMC) is one of the largest further and higher education colleges in England, delivering from campuses in Greater Birmingham, the Black Country and Worcestershire. It is a highly successful college supporting some 40,000 learners. With an outstanding track record of working with Jobcentre Plus, Work Programme Primes, Work Programme Clients, employers and other stakeholders to move forward the employability agenda, the college has a proud reputation for delivering skills packages that meet the needs of employers and their future employees. Specifically the college works with some of the UK’s largest employers, including the NHS, Jaguar Land Rover, Caterpillar, Cadbury and BMW, to deliver their skills needs. In some cases this relationship has resulted in Strategic Partnership Employer Training Academies managed by the college on behalf of their client. We have established new teaching and learning facilities which includes the installation of state-of-the-art computer integrated manufacturing equipment which will directly impact on the curriculum areas of automotive engineering, engineering, manufacturing, and electronics. This will offer a consistent and high quality offer to employers and learners in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Our philosophy
Consistent and high quality offer to employers and learners in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.
Role in the Project

Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet) is recognised for its success in building robust and effective relationships with major national employers and SME’s. We will work with local small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to establish local business hubs and bring the wider benefits of this project to the supply chain. During the lifetime of this project the modelling of the skills requirements to service HS2 the new high-speed train between London and Birmingham will be taking place, knowledge from this project will be used by BMet to inform this process. BMet are currently working with JLR and its supply chain. BMet’s contribution to and partnership in this project will be instrumental in tackling the three core Greater Birmingham and Black Country (West Midlands) business issues of: too few in employment: raising Skills Levels and improving and increasing production amongst SMEs.

Our intent is to develop Just-in-time training model – where we will extend our current training activities to provide the future stock of skilled labour, with a fast track route for newly trained learners to progress to new employment opportunities as these come on-stream. Critically, the content of these courses will be business led as recommended by the HM Government. This will ensure a consistent and coherent skills offer, across all of the Skills Partnership providers, to ensure high standards of delivery and clear progression routes for all.