Who We Are

Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center (TEC) is a large vocational college, situated on 5 campuses in Greater Copenhagen. 25.000 students are spending time with us during a year. TEC has a staff of 750 and offers around 25 different VET programmes and 3 Higher Technical Examination Programmes and several Adult Vocational Programmes.

TEC is focusing on creating the best educational programmes possible for students to macth the skills needed in the industry as well as personal competences. We have a close realation to the industry and companies as well as trade organisations.

We try our best to keep our staff up to date in their professional and pedagogical competences. Innovation in the classroom as well in the workshops is key. The skills responses seen in Denmark through the years have mainly concerned existing sectors and occupations. Consequently, the educational sector has a strong basis for meeting the renewed global and national focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy within the existing occupations.

TEC offers several VET programmes with in the transport sector, among others aircraft mechanics and auto mechanics. The transport and logistics campus is modern and the biggest in Northern Europe. TEC is at the avant-garde of the workbased learning as a core component of vocational education and training in Denmark. They focus on the roles of social partners, government, vocational colleges and companies in dual the system and on how innovation development and adaptation to changing circumstances are ensured inside the dual model.

Our philosophy
Creating the best educational programmes possible for students to match the skills needed in the industry as well as personal competences.
Role in the Project

TEC is representing the VET school sector as a partner in the sector automative and aerospace. In cooperation with the partners TEC will identify skills and training demands. Our role is to act on behalf of the VET school sector in designing a curriculum framework, which contents the educational/occupational profiles and the learning units/ outcomes. TEC ́s role is further more to ensure an innovative approach to the learning environment, in which the new competences are to be achieved and make sure that tools as ICT and simulation are integrated fully in the classroom. A strong link between the educational and the business sector is necessary in order to ensure the right skill match.