Skillman Technical Webinars

The future of TVET, TVET in the future


A series of specific-themed webinars are being implemented within the Skillman umbrella with the purpose of engaging top-notch TVET professionals around the world in sectoral training sessions, in-depth debates, exclusive roundtables and workshops led by high-level speakers and trainers. These activities and events are organized in collaboration with a niche group of Skillman cooperation partners, such as the European Training Foundation, the Assembly of European Regions, The European network of innovation for inclusion, IVETA, EAPRIL.

These events are free and open to anyone and entail a high level of interaction and participation from the audience. At the end of each event, all participant will be entitled to receive an official customized Skillman certificate of participation.

Past events

Join the Skillman Technical Webinars and become the protagonist of the TVET scenery

You will:

  • hold the stage in events with main representatives of the European Commission and other supranational organizations
  • be one of the main keynote speakers at SIF 2020
  • acquire visibility and recognition within an engaged community of professionals
  • receive special mentions in sector-focused research papers, magazines and
  • share your ideas on relevant topics with an elitist audience of selected worldwide
  • contribute to shape the main trends of the future of TVET and skills in AM

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