The webinar was held on
17 March 2021

Background and focus: 

During the webinar, international experts and practitioners will discuss the role of work-based coordinators in schools and in companies. ETF will introduce the specificities of the different roles in the most established EU work-based learning systems as well as presenting solutions adopted by countries that have recently adopted WBL systems.

Centres of Excellence and companies currently engaged in WBL will have the opportunity to share their views on the importance of these roles in the context of properly implementing WBL mechanisms. A recently developed concept for training WBL coordinators in schools and in-company trainers will be presented to set the scene. The presentation will cover the following elements:

  • The role of WBL coordinators and in-company school trainers
  • The competences required by the two profiles
  • The initial training and continuous professional development for the two profiles
  • The financial framework and its sustainability.
    The webinar will be concluded with an overview of existing international standards for in-company trainers.

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