Valentina Chanina; Head of Office EfVET. EfVET is an umbrella organisation which has been created by and for VET providers. Its mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational co-operation by building a pan-European network of institutions and partitioners. EfVET represents 24 countries in Europe , 25,000,00 learning providers, over 1,500 VET institutions and more than 750,00 teachers across Europe. EfVET also has direct links to other European organisations including Lifelong Learning Platform, European Association of the Education and Adults, CSR Europe, EVTA, EVBB, EUPROVET, Chan5 and others.

Why is a sector skills Alliance Erasmus project important? Focus on partner co-operation from VET providers, industry and awarding bodies.

The Sector Skills Alliances is supporting the design and delivery of VET curricula, teaching & training methodologies in a specific economic sector. And a particularly now we are focusing on digital skills because it is important in all job profile across the entire labour market.
To focus on partner co-operation the first, it is important to indentify the gaps, needs and demand for apprenticeship initiatives in the regional, local/national in order to encourage SMEs to become apprentice employers which is one of the key tasks for the alliance and VET providers.
Digitalization is only one element of the 21st century skills and competences, which needs to be incrorporated. As far as we now the Industry 4.0 is another one which is of course connected to digitalization. Industry 4.0 represent the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing and industry it is the current industrial transformation with automation, data exchanges, cloud, cyber system, big data, IoT Cobots and its realize smart industry and manufacturing goals in the intersection of people, new technologies and innovation. These developments like individualized products, social media marketing, increasing internet trade will change the work landscape dramatically.
In many countries of the Southern and Eastern Europe currently legastive reform is moving the apprenticeship system from a 100% school-based system toward a company based system. Therefore, in some countries , many SMEs feel they can’t afford the staff hours to get involved in apprenticeship programmes.

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