Webinar: New mobility services- Anticipating skills and job roles
This webinar will highlight regional examples on the integration of new mobility services and development of skills and job roles needed in the sector. 
New mobility services are offering solutions to today’s growing challenges in terms of congestion, lack of space, growing population, air quality, noise, social inclusion, health, economic development, and creation of jobs.
Following the European MaaS Alliance definition, new mobility services represent “the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand.”
This offers tremendous opportunities for innovation, growth, and jobs, but it also requires skilled and adaptable individuals who are able to drive and support change. However, there is a growing skills shortage in the mobility services sector which could seriously delay the development of the services and hurt customers’ expectations.
Thus it is required to look into new skills for the future workforce but also use opportunities realized through reskilling the workforce. In that context, this webinar aims to bridge the gap between the skills and job roles needed for the new mobility services sector and the workforce.
The objectives of the webinar are:
  • to highlight the relevance of EU funding opportunities and European cooperation in the sector of new mobility service and skill gap
  • to share regional good practice on overcoming skill gaps in the new mobility services sector
  • to foster networking between experts in the sector of new mobility services and other interested parties