The Skillnet project


The «SKILLNT – Sector Skills Network of VET centres in Advanced Manufacturing» project is KA3- Support for Policy Reform project, supported by the European Commission and covering the whole EU-27 territory plus several countries outside the EU borders. It aims at:

  • Encouraging the creation of transnational and national VET providers’ networks and partnerships to improve the quality and efficiency of VET at national and European level, enhance their impact and relevance for learners and employers, and build cross-border cooperation for VET quality and attractiveness;
  • Foster communication, dissemination and support for implementation of the VET policy agenda at EU and national level, to exchange knowledge, feedback and experience of policy implementation and sharing of best practices on VET excellence.

Each organization involved, appointed one Steering Committee Member and a Steering Committee Substitute for the project. The SC Member is responsible to drive and support the coordination management and act as an internal regulatory committee. The SC will also help support decisions about relevant issues concerning contractual aspects, amendments internal/external disputes, budgeting etc, as well as mediate in situations where partners are not in line with the expectations.

The partners involved in the Skillnet project are as follows:, coordinator and leader of the transnational platform of centers. of vocational excellence for the emerging skills in Advanced Manufacturing.

IVETA, International VET Association for the advancement and improvement of high-quality VET throughout the world.

AER, Assembly of European Regions.

European Network of Innovation for Inclusion, a community of over 300 organizations in 24 EU countries aimed at building a more innovative social inclusive ecosystem, develop successful European employment and entrepreneurship projects through the exchange of good practices.

EAPRIL, European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning.